HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan

At our College, a non-profit institute, of Community Colleage, we aim to educate young girls from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and help them acquire skills that will provide women with the necessary means to earn n independent livelihood.

The Young Muslim Women's Association (YMWA) was established in 1972 under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sarvath El Hassan. It is registered at the Ministry of Social Development ( No. 62) as a non-profit, charitable organization with the aim of serving Jordanian society through education related projects. 
Since its inception the YMWA has worked hard to find ways and means to fulfill its mission. Hence, the YMWA focused its attention on the educational needs of the Jordanian child and those of the aspiring young Jordanian women. Gradually, and in phases, it was able to respond to these needs and offer both childen, young women new and innovative educational opportunities. 

Under the guidance of Princess Sarvath, and with the help of Jordanian ministries and foreign educational organizations, the Association has founded two major educational institutions: The Special Education Centre (1974) which caters to the needs of mentally handicapped young students, and the Princess Sarvath Community College (1980) which educates financially underprivileged female students at a low cost. Annexed to the College is the National Centre of Learning Difficulties (1995) that helps young learners with learning difficulties. 

Needless to say, these major educational programmes did not evolve overnight. They required vision, careful planning and proper execution. The initiative of Her Royal Highness that detected the gaps existed in the Jordanian educational format and her guidance that made the execution of the plans possible. The Board of Trustees of the YWMA, as well as both the Executive and General Committees, would like to extend their appreciation to HRH for her continued encouragement and support. 

The YMWA also wishes to thank Her Royal Highness Princess Rahma Bint El Hassan who assumed the Presidency for six years (2009- 2015) when Princess Sarvath decided after thirty- seven years as actual President of the YMWA to take the role of Honorary President. Princess Rahma is the Honorary Vice President. The President is now Mrs Khadijeh Siraj, whilst Their Royal Highnesses retain their supportive roles. 
The aim of this paper is to record historically the various activities of the YMWA focusing on its two major educational institutions – The Centre of Special Education and the Princess Sarvath Community College with its National Centre of Learning Difficulties. 


In 1980 under the guidance of Her Royal Highness Princess Sarvath El Hassan, the Princess Sarvath Community College (PSCC)  was established, in accoordance with the educational policy undertaken by the Young Muslim Women's Association and with the technical and financial assistance offered by GTZ Germany. The College is unique in that it is the only non-profit college in Amman. It provides young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the necessary skills to enable them to earn an independent livelihood.


National Centre for Learning Difficulties

"We aim at the Centre for  Learning Difficulties to help any student overcome his particular difficulty and be able to pursue the different stages of his/her education; primary, secondary and even college most smoothly."      

Sarvath  El Hassan


In November 1995, the National Centre for Learning Difficulties was opened. as a Centre of Excellence, by Her Royal Highness Princess Sarvath El Hassan within the College premises.

The establishment of the Centre stemmed from HRH Princess Sarvath's desire to find a solution for the neglected problem of learning difficulties from which many young Jordanians were suffering. This was having negative impact on all stages of their education.

The centre established in 1992 in co-operation with ACCC and CIDA supported the Centre with technical assistance training teachers in the feild of Learning Difficulties in Canada and Jordan.